About the DNA test

Basic Facts About the Test

    1.There are no needles or blood involved.  One rubs a swab on the inside of the cheek to collect a sample.  You perform the test yourself and send it to the testing service, Family Tree DNA, per post.

    2. Family Tree DNA then sends your sample to the University of Arizona for testing. The universtiy lab never learns your identity – the lab is only given a code number, no names.

    3. You will not be tested for diseases or defects. The test simply identifies markers on the Y chromosome. These markers identify a common male ancestor.

    4. This test is not a DNA fingerprint, it is more like a bio-chemical surname. For example, if a Bryson male had ten sons and each of them had ten sons, it is probable that the Y chromosome markers of these 100 Brysons would be identical. The test simply indicates a common recent ancestor.

    5. Results will be available around 4 to 6 weeks after submitting the test kit.

    6. A basic Y-Chromosome test costs $99.

    7. This basic test will allow you to discover how you are genetically connected to the other Bryson /Brisson/Bryce participants, and reveals to which pre-historic group of humans your surname ancestors likely belonged. So far most appear to have been Celtic, but there are Vikings among us.


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